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The best present a man can get – The Jerry Can Bar,
a unique jerry can containing a mini bar.

Are you looking for a gift item for a man? You have come to the right place as The Jerry Can Bar will please every man´s heart. The unique canister contains a bottle, glasses, and other great and useful items!

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It is an original gift for a hunter or a fisherman, and for the one and only – your real man.

We all have our own desires and so The Jerry Can Bar comes with three customised options. “Passion to Hunt” is a gift for an enthusiastic hunter, the “Power of Silence” will please a passionate fisherman, and the “Spirit of the Real Man” is for a real man who knows how to live life to the fullest.

Sophisticated details

The life of a man is perfect if he has friends and finds love. The rest is just details.

We take care of the details. The Jerry Can Bar is full of sophisticated details. Careful selection of materials, hand-crafted quality design and contents to bring joy.

Use The Jerry Can Bar as a surprise to let you enjoy great moments with friends and let them know you like them.

Unpack slowly and carefully.

We are sure you will agree there is no greater joy than the joy of unwrapping gifts. The following video will show you how to correctly open your package from You should always check the contents and add a bottle of alcohol and cigars according to your taste before you give it as a present.

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